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Why designing experiments is so hard for students & what we can do to help! 9

We’ve all heard all about how inquiry is important in science classrooms.  So why is it so hard to do?  And why are there still so teachers reluctant to do it?  Well, for lots of reasons actually…but this post will just talk about one of them – because it’s really hard to do it AND […]

Myth #2 of Mastery Learning – It doesn’t work & that’s why we quit using it 2

I’m working on a series of blog posts about the myths of Mastery Learning.  Myth #1 – It’s self-taught can be read here! On to #2…Mastery Learning doesn’t work & that’s why we quit using it. Mastery learning, like most things in education, is not new.  It has had its fair share of pendulum swings.  […]