About Kelly

Welcome to my website!

I’m Kelly Morgan Dempewolf and I believe that we can create classrooms filled with autonomous, motivated, engaged learners even within the confines of our current educational system!  I’ve seen it in my classrooms and with my own children and the transformation is mind-boggling!

I work (write, research, speak and in general spend my time thinking about) on student-paced mastery learning (mostly in math or science classrooms) and incorporating authentic scientific processes into classrooms at every level.

My blogs are a way for me to “think about my ideas out loud” or share information or resources that I’ve found useful and think others might as well.

I’m a mother of two elementary-school children, photographer and dancer.

For 10 years I taught high school chemistry, physics and physical science.  I was constantly changing, shifting, reading, learning, talking to my students, adjusting and in general messing with what I did and how I did it to make my classroom a better place for all students.

After I earned my PhD I became a program-manager for an NSF-Funded GK-12 program at Kansas State University.  I’m the author of a chemistry textbook, an NSTA Press book on Mastery Learning in the Science Classroom as well as numerous journal articles (if you’re interested, you can see all that stuff here).  I’ve also won various awards, including the NSTA Excellence in Inquiry Based Science Teacher award.

I continue to work with teachers through my writing, speaking and interactions and my goal is to make an impact on the way we educate our children in this country – to shift to truly creating life-long learners rather than just writing about it in our mission statements!

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You can also contact me at kelly@kellymorganscience.com or on twitter (@kmorgan_sci_ed).

I look forward to joining with you in conversations about how to best serve our kiddos!