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Mastery Learning, the Flipped Classroom and My Version of Combining the Two 7

In the past couple of years in my work with mastery learning, I’ve continually run across the Flipped Classroom movement. In fact, my book and theirs are even sold in a bundle together at Amazon. We attract a lot of the same teachers looking to change their classrooms and we do a lot of the […]

Mastery Learning – great for working with frequently absent students!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t blogged or tweeted in about a year and a half.  The last time I did was just before I was told I had a nodule on my thyroid and, even more devastatingly, Rheumatoid Arthritis (completely unrelated – they both just happened to be discovered while doing lots of tests […]

How can we get students to use their powers for good rather than evil?

OK, so not “evil” but how can we get them to use the ingenuity, dedication, critical thinking, creativity and honest hard work that they apply to their everyday interests to school? I just watched an animation of a talk on motivation.  The talk is speaking specifically about motivation in the workplace and the pretty counter-intuitive […]

Using Narrated Lectures for Anytime-Anywhere Student Access 3

One of the ways that I delivered content to my students in a Mastery Learning class was by narrated lectures.  This allows students to have just-in-time content delivery.  They get you and your content (both visual and audio) when they are ready for it and where ever they are at that time. There are so […]

Are we really serious about ALL students learning science?

If we’re really serious about ensuring that all students learn science, then why do we continue the practice of moving on to the next topic before all the students are ready? Because it’s impossible to manage a classroom if you’re trying to keep all 20-40 students together and you wait until every last one of […]