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Project and Problem-Based Learning – just semantics or real difference?

We educators are famous (or should I say infamous) for using multiple terms for the same thing, changing those terms frequently and using lots of acronyms (I’ve heard education lingo referred to as “alphabet soup”).  So are “Project Based Learning” and “Problem Based Learning” both talking about the same thing (they are both “PBL” after […]

Why designing experiments is so hard for students & what we can do to help! 9

We’ve all heard all about how inquiry is important in science classrooms.  So why is it so hard to do?  And why are there still so teachers reluctant to do it?  Well, for lots of reasons actually…but this post will just talk about one of them – because it’s really hard to do it AND […]


Using Narrated Lectures for Anytime-Anywhere Student Access 3

One of the ways that I delivered content to my students in a Mastery Learning class was by narrated lectures.  This allows students to have just-in-time content delivery.  They get you and your content (both visual and audio) when they are ready for it and where ever they are at that time. There are so […]

Top 100 blogs for teachers…yep, I’m blogging about blogs!

So I’m starting this blog on science education with my goals being to share resources and my thoughts/views on science education. So here’s my first sharing of resources – Top 100 blogs for teachers by teachers.  There’s sections for elementary, secondary, science education. As I begin my science education blog, I’ll be checking out some […]