Student Paced & Mastery Learning


  • A Google Group has been created to allow teachers to ask, share and support!  It’s open to teachers of any subject and any grade level that are interested in, thinking about, learning about or implementing mastery learning in their classroom!  To join, email for an invite to the group!
  • A new eBook to help you learn how to write dynamic questions in ExamView for unlimited multiple versions of assessments!

Blogs posts about mastery learning

This website was created as an extension of Kelly Morgan’s book “Mastery Learning in the Science Classroom: Success for Every Student” published by NSTA Press.

This section on my site is new…it’s the beginnings of what I hope will become a community of science teachers sharing, discussing, asking about how we can get serious about ALL students learning science.  So please look around and contribute…it takes people to get it started but I know there are those out there that will!

When I wrote the book I knew that I did not have all the answers, all the tips, all the descriptions of how to successfully implement various aspects of Mastery Learning in a science classroom.  That’s why I created this webpage–as a community for science teachers of all levels to share with each other.

If anyone would like to write mini-articles, blogs, paragraphs, provide links or resources, please send them to me at


What is Student-Paced Mastery Learning?

  • Students do not move on until they have successful met benchmarks, demonstrated mastery or met whatever standard the teachers has set for them.
  • Students are often provided with a variety of options for learning material.
  •  Formative assessment becomes a frequent, low-risk, useful tool for determining when a student is ready to move on to the next material.
  • Students may not get through all the content, but what they get through they will understand!
  • Perfect for any course where future content builds on previous content knowledge.
  • A truly individual way to teach students.
  • An article describing mastery learning.

What Student-Paced Mastery Learning is NOT:

  • Self-taught learning.  Students need teachers, mentors, guides…they just need them at different times and in different ways.
  • Easier for the teacher.  It’s much more difficult to keep up with where 24 individuals are than where one class is…but it’s definitely worth the extra efforts!
  • An article describing the misinterpretations of mastery learning.