Creating dynamic questions in ExamView

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One of the most time consuming aspects of setting up a mastery learning classroom is creating multiple version of the quizzes for Cover 3Dstudent re-takes!  One help for this problem is to create many questions and use software to randomly select questions from that pool.  However, dynamic questions goes beyond this…they let you create one question and randomize what’s IN the question!

Dynamic questions allow you to randomize values, terms, graphs and more! Imagine being able duplicate a question and have it automatically use different values, chemical formulas or graphs.  You can make worksheets in seconds! Print up to 26 different versions of quizzes and not only are questions and answer choices scrambled but the actual values, terms, formulas and graphs within the question are uniquely generated!

This new eBook takes you step-by-step through the process of creating dynamic questions in ExamView(R) and gives you access to lots of sample algorithm codes to learn from or use yourself.

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Adding the eBook to your device after download:

iOS – transferring through iTunes

  1. Add the ePub file to your iTunes library.  (Drag onto the iTunes icon for Mac, drag into the library for Mac or PC, or choose “File” –> “Add to library” on Mac or PC )
  2. The eBook will be under the “Books” category in your library”
  3. Plug your device into the computer and transfer the book file to your device.
  4. Open the iBooks app and read the eBook!

iOS – transferring through DropBox

  1. Add the downloaded ePub file to your DropBox account.
  2. Access your DropBox account on your device (web interface or app).
  3. Touch the file name to download it to your device.  When it is done downloading it will say “unable to view file”
  4. Touch the icon that has the arrow going INTO a box and choose “open in”
  5. Choose to open the file in the iBooks app.


  1. Move the file to your device (linked transfer, sync, email, DropBox, etc.)
  2. Use one of the many free ePub apps (like the Universal Book Reader app) to import/find the file and read it.

PC or Mac: Read ePub’s within Firefox with the browser plug-in.

  1. install plug in and restart Firefox
  2. Choose “File” –> “Open” and find the ePub file that you downloaded.
  3. For better viewing through this plug-in, click the “change reading style” near the bottom right corner of your browser to change it to a one-column layout rather than a two-column layout.