Student Designed Labs Software

This software program was created to lower the cognitive load of students when they design their own lab (see blog post on “Why designing experiments is so hard for students & what we can do to help!“), increasing the changes that they are successful at designing the lab and learning from the experience.

The software was the basis for my PhD dissertation and showed significant effects on student performance when asked to design their own lab.

Current Version: (click here for version update information)

**This version does not allow for images or graphs to be included in the lab report. I felt it was better to get a version out that has many upgrades and continue to work on this feature rather wait until this feature is done to release all upgrades!

**Note – PLEASE update to this version…there are major changes and continuing to work with the old version will cause problems with your data! 🙂


  • Deployment on Tablets
  • Export to Word
  • Better support for students adding images
  • Native graph drawing support (to prevent them having to copy and past a graph from Excel as they currently do)

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Thank you very much to the following supporters that made the continuation and improvement of the SDL program possible!

Jarrod O, Kimette Witt, Adrianne Wedel, Gareth Hodges, Matt Nupen, Larry, Gerald Carey, David Byrum, Chris Groesch, David Brooks, Noel Santiago, Katie Teutemacher, Todd Little, Steve Wagenseller, Jim, Lunchtime Studios, Amy Wagstaff, Christopher Morgan, Roger Diekmann, Brittany Welsh, Kodi, Juliana Agostino, Efren Rodriguez, D. Farthing