SDL Version Updates

Released 4/11/13       Teacher Version

  • Fixed bug when copying labs from one student to another (lab list didn’t display correctly)


Released 3/23/13       Teacher & Student Version

  • Fixed bug that caused some of the sliders to turn a section of a lab on/off not to work in the teacher’s version
  • Fixed bug that prevented a lab from opening if one or more sections where turned off in the student version.


Released 3/18/13       Teacher & Student Version

  • Ability to enter your own proxy information
  • Separate applications for teacher and student to allow upgrades to be made on the teacher side without having to update student application on all student computers
  • Ability to lock and unlock a individual student’s lab without archiving the entire lab in the teachers account
  • Adding section for observations instructions
  • Adjusted font on printout to standard font to stop issues with copy/paste from Word
  • Expandable cells and ability to merge cells in data table so that you can see everything in each cell
  • Specific data field for hypothesis
  • Ability to turn input fields on and off (so students don’t even see them when you don’t need them to – for example when a hypothesis wouldn’t be appropriate for a lab)
  • Merger student reports together in addition to current copy from student to student feature
  • Allowing teachers to access the backup student lab reports and restore them
  • Updating spell check to use 3rd party extension (better and faster than my “homemade” solution) 🙂


Released 10/5/11     Version

  • Fixed glitch that caused student lab to not appear when they went to the screen to view their teacher’s comments

Released 10/4/11     Version

  • When adding comments to a student lab, teacher can assign points to each section and points are automatically totaled and saved with the lab
  • Scroll bars are on each student screen to accommodate mini-computer usage
  • Screen teachers use to comment and students use to view comments reconfigured for easier reading
  • Students labs are now sent to back-up (only Kelly can get one out of back-up right now.  That funcationality will be added to the teacher side ASAP)
  • Fixed glitch where apostrophes didn’t show up when printing student lab
  • Added student hour next to their name when printing student lab


Released 8/3/11     Version

  • Teachers can now pre-fill any area of the student lab by entering in the teacher’s side.  When the student’s create the lab for the first time, the pre-filled information is placed in the student file.


Released 8/27/10     Version

  • Fixed following glitches:
    • Some strange thing went on with only a handful of labs where data table was saved in multiple database fields

Released 10/20/09      Version

  • Fixed following glitches:
    • Deleting students
    • Spell check
    • Copying lab from student to student
    • Viewing printable version of student lab from teacher interface within web version of SDL
  • Put back in capability of students to include an image with their lab.

Released 8/13/09      Version

  • Fixed the glitch when an apostrophe is in a lab or lab instructions

Released 7/22/09      Version

  • Programming is now completely through the RunRev language (no more php files).  Teachers and students won’t notice a difference in this–just easier programming from now on!
  • The teacher interface is now a tabbed interface rather than a menu-driven interface to provide consistency between win and mac and stop problems of mac students being able to access the teacher menu.

Released 11/17/08    Version

  • Fixed copy lab from student to student problems
  • Added ability for teacher to print a list of materials students are requesting for a lab  (will work on making it fancier and more functional later…right now it’s just a list of all students for that lab).

Released 11/10/08    Version

  • Glitches with things not showing up on the screen when you are viewing the inbox

Released 11/10/08    Version

  • Students can now turn in labs to an electronic “inbox” and teachers can see what’s in their “inbox”

Released 10/24/08    Version

  • Students and teachers can use Superscript & subscript by using buttons on each screen.
  • Students & teachers can now use any character (including quotes, >, etc.)
  • Fixed spell-check bug

Released 10/22/08     Version

  • Fixed bug where student images “disappeared” when they logout from the second to last screen.
  • Included the image in the back-up system
  • Fixed copy student-to-student function so that it copies the image as well.
  • Put student ability to change their password back in.

Released 10/21/08     Version

  • Fixed a bug when students begin a brand new lab from the start from Version

Released 10/20/08   Version

  • Added a “Wizard” for setting up the results section during the first step of the lab design process.

Released 10/12/08    Version

  • Fixed bug from version where students viewing with teacher comments appeared to have lost their lab info.

Released 9/25/08    Version

  • Added a “progress meter” across the top so kids can see where they are in the process.
  • Students can now add images, graphs, etc. to their lab

Released 9/18/08     Version

  • Faster!
  • Stopped the chance of appearing like data is lost when it really wasn’t
  • Teachers can view in printable format any student’s lab
  • Only one version needed–a school can choose their specific proxy settings from a pull-down menu.

Released 3/5/08    Version

  • Fixed error in spell-check when I sped it up 2 versions ago
  • Changed formatting of how students see teacher instructions during design to minimize extraneous load

Released 2/22/08    Version

  • Bold, Italics, Underline

Released 2/8/08    Version

  • Speed of opening program with Spell-Check greatly improved!

Released 1/18/08     Version

  • Spell-check added

Released 1/9/08       Version

  • Fixed programming bug in steps 7 & 8 of student lab interface

Released 1/8/08         Version

  • There’s a check-system to make sure that a student’s information really is saved before moving to the next screen
  • The change-student account button is fixed
  • Teacher interface is now menu-driven

Released 12/19/07       Version

  • Fixed glitch in new programming that switched around materials, safety and procedure information when you viewed lab info under a teacher’s account

Released 12/10/07        Version

  • Now runs off php programming, so no open ports are needed at all!

Released 12/4/07            Version

  • It now runs off port 80, so it should work even if your IT people have ports closed down.

Released 11/28/07           Version

  • It’s now on my own server, so it’s not necessary to whitelist yourself anymore

Released 11/8/07               Version

  • allows teacher to create as many student accounts at one time as they’d like (rather than one at a time).

Released 11/6/07               Version

  • fixed bug in viewing/making comments on student lab online.

Released 10/31/07              Version

  • each teacher has the option when “saving” a lab to share it with all other users or those in their school (right now, 4 of the 5 of mine that I do first semester in chemistry are shared for all to see—I still need to put the 5th one in the system).
  • teachers can view labs from those that chose to share them through the Teacher Main Menu & you can copy a shared lab into your own account & then edit it.
  • the student interface now has an area for recording observations as well as the data table
  • the “Analysis/Calculations” section has been renamed to “Analysis, Calculations, Trend Recognition, etc.” to be more flexible for those that don’t do calculations often
  • the function of a teacher commenting online about a student’s lab report and the student seeing those teacher comments online is now complete