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Teacher Responses:

  • Compared to this text, you do a better job tying various topics together,placing concepts where the fit logically, rather than scattered in traditional chapters.  The unifying theme for each chapter will help to keep students grounded as they study the material.  Labs are a healthy mix of inquiry and traditional.  As opposed to only writing a textbook, you are laying out an entire program that could be followed sequentially to give students a solid background in Chemistry.  I’m also particularly impressed by your awareness of student misconceptions, and your attempts to address these directly within the text, rather than leaving them for the teacher to (hopefully) address in class. Jason Strniste, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Dover, NH
  • Finally…a textbook I can send my students home to read and expect they’ll understand it!
  • You have a great concept in organizing your text!  At first look at the contents list, it seems strange, and perhaps a lightweight text for depth. Upon seeing the matrix in “To the teacher”, and skimming Chapter 4, I see you are covering the material very well,but in an innovative thematic approach. Craig Pierson, PhD Chemistry (Penn State), MEd (MT State U); Billings Central Catholic High School, Billings, MT
  • It looks great! I would say that it is an improvement – it makes chemistry seem more “real” to students. Jeff Venables, Northwestern High School, Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • There are several things that I like about the text. First, the readability. It is written so that students can understand the concepts. Another thing I like is that the labs are a part of the text. I also noticed that the chapters start with a story or activity that would be an interest grabber to get the students involved.  The thing I liked best was that chapters are not compartmentalized.  That is, if a concept is necessary to better the understanding of the concept, it is included. Not held off because it will be covered in another chapter. Pat Hoffman, East High School
  • I am excited and astonished!!!  I really like the way it is set up with inquiry labs, labs, review problems, etc embedded within the chapter. It looks absolutely wonderful Paula Roberts, Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, OR

Student Responses (from anonymous end of trial surveys)

  • I feel that the chemistry book is very relevant and very resourceful in the class. It applies chemistry to life which helps to understand it much better. I feel it helped with my understanding in chemistry and my life.
  • I was not very interested in chemistry, i almost didn’t take it, but I’m very glad i did. I want to pursue a career in chemistry. I really like that the concepts in the book were applied because it creates easy examples to remember and makes it feel more meaningful to learn about.
  • This book explains chemistry in an interesting, fun way. It is easy to read and the labs let us experience and understand different topics better.
  • This book is much better than the other chemistry books that we’ve used. Due to its understanding of how a student learns and what’s best to improve that. Also, the relevance of each chapter remains very relevant to out lives.
  • This chemistry book has been so easy to understand! Normally, textbooks are very daunting, taking several pages to explain a concept, but this book was concise and “studentized.”
  • I really enjoyed the connections of science to my life, especially the Antacid chapter. I’ve never used antacid before, but the gas concepts discussed stayed in my mind whenever i went up to the mountains, or rode on an airplane. I loved designing my own labs, especially the speeding up a reaction lab.
  • The chemistry textbook offers a great source of information and one of its unique difference from other textbooks is its straight forward and blunt explanations that anyone can comprehend. I love the textbook in many different reasons, but it’s greater than most average textbooks because the chemistry is applied into our daily lives. Also, the spiral effect throughout the course gives a more perspicuous understanding of chemistry.
  • I thought that this book was a lot easier to understand and follow as compared to previous books I have used.  It seemed to help you understand the main points a lot better!
  • Your book isn’t confusing like other science books I’ve had.
  • This book is wonderful–much better than other science books I’ve had.  I like being able to apply concepts to real-life situations!
  • It’s about out life and in “our terms”
  • This was the best science book I’ve ever used because it made the material click and fit into everyday life.