Multi-Media Resources

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a free website with short video segments, html documents, flash interactive for science teachers.  Most of the stuff on the site comes fromNOVA, NASA, Frontline and other reliable sources.

Section 3.5–Gas behavior
•    Atmospheric pressure (html document)
•    Floating and sinking: Hot air balloons (shockwave interactive)

Section 4.2–Atomic Structure
•    Atoms: The space between (video)

Section 4.5–Periodicity
•    Periodic table of elements (flash interactive)
•    Periodic table of the elements chart (flash interactive)
•    Periodic table of elements essay (PDF file)

Section 4.6–Light
•    The electromagnetic spectrum: Frontline (video)
•    The electromagnetic spectrum: NASA (video)
•    Infrared Gallery (flashwave interactive)

Section 4.7–Light & Matter
•    Diamonds?–he science behind the sparkle (html document)
•    Fireworks!  Making color (video)
•    Anatomy of a firework (flash interactive)
•    Fireworks! Lifting charge (video)
•    Pyrotechnics: It’s elemental (html interactive)

Section 8.5–Environmental Concerns
•    Chernobyl: What really happened?  (html document)
•    Fuel cells (video)
•    Global warming and the greenhouse effect (video)
•    Global warming: Beyond Fossil Fuels (html document)
•    Global Warming: Carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect (video)
•    Global warming: The developing world (video)
•    Global warming: The hydrogen car (video)
•    Global warming: The physics of the greenhouse effect (video)
•    Hoover dam and hydroelectric power (video)
•    Snapshot of US Energy use (video)
•    Stories in the ice (html document)

Section 10.3–Batteries
•    Fuel cells (video)

Chapter 11–Polymers
•    The impact of technology: Nylon (video)

Chapter 12
•    Everyday radiation (vide)
•    Facts about radiation (html document)
•    FAQs about nuclear power (html document)
•    FusionL Testing the first hydrogen device (Video)
•    Nuclear Blast damage (html document)
•    Nuclear Reaction: Meltdown (vide)
•    Nuclear Reaction: Plutonium (video)
•    Nuclear Reaction: Serarching for Safety (html document)
•    Nuclear waste: Yucca Mountain (video)
•    Radon Radiation (video)
•    Sources of radiation (flash interactive)
•    Chernobyl: What really happened? (html document)
•    Fission and reprocessing: How they work (html document)
•    Fusion: The hydrogen bomb (video)
•    Get close to a nuclear fission reaction! (html document)
•    Nuclear blast footage (video)
•    Nuclear reaction: Fission (Video)
•    Nuclear reaction: Searching for Safety (html document)
•    Nuclear Reaction: Three Mile Island (video)
•    Three mile island: What happened (flash interactive)
•    The dating game: Radioactive carbon (shockwave)
•    Radiometric dating (video)
•    Stories in the ice (html document)

Resources from University of Colorado Physics Education Technology (PhET)