Ordering Information

Please visit www.kendallhunt.com/khchemistry for ordering information!

Student Text

  • 4-color
  • Case-bound
  • Labs included in the text
  • about 460 pages

Teacher’s edition including CD-Rom

  • Teacher’s wrap-around edition including:
    • Section objectives
    • Lab tips, prep information, sample data
    • Practice problem answers
    • Teaching tips
    • Demonstrations
    • Learning Activities
    • Project ideas
    • References to more information
  • Teacher’s CD-Rom with the following in EDITABLE format
    • All labs in the student text
    • Supplemental labs for alternatives
    • Section quizzes (every section)
    • Reading guides (every section)
    • PowerPoint presentations (every section)
    • Worksheets (sections with math application)
    • Rubrics for performance assessments
    • Color illustrations from the student text
    • Pre-made tests (long & short version for each chapter)

ExamView testbank

  • Test generator with testbanks for each section.  All questions involving calculations and many involving chemical formulas are designed with algorithms to provide a near-infinite number of questions for multiple test-versions or extra practice