Resources for the Teacher

Color, Wrap-Around Teacher’s Edition contains the following:

•    References to more information onthat chapter’s theme
•    Section objectives
•    Demonstration ideas
•    Teaching tips
•    Lab information: Prep information, Time information, Helpful hints/tips, Sample data
•    Learning Activities
•    Answers to all practice & review problems

The CD-Rom that comes with the teacher’s edition contains the following in EDITABLE format with an easy-to-use menu for navigating:
•    Reading guides for every section based on content-literacy strategies
•    PowerPoint presentations for every section
•    Worksheets for sections that may need more practice (such as for naming compounds, balancing equations, stoichiometry, etc.)
•    Section quizzes for every section
•    All labs and projects
•    Color images from the text
•    Rubrics for performance assessments
•    The reference tables from the appendix in the student text

The ExamView testbank and test generator is available separately contains:
•    Computerized, editable testbanks: The majority of the questions are built on algorithms–that means that the quantities, chemical compounds and/or units are randomized within parameters.  This allows teachers to create literally thousands of question and/or test variations with the push of a button (just one button!)
•    Pre-made, editable tests built from those testbanks: A short and a longer version for each test.  They also contain the same algorithmic functions that allow you to randomize them into as many different versions as you’d like when you go to print